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Tevin Williams Band

Melodies that don’t hit the ear like you’re used to, and that’s how they do it. The Tevin Williams Band has fun with funk, serenades with soul and always bumps like an R&B Ballad.

Kurt Wheeler Quartet

The Kurt Wheeler Quartet presents a unique blend of original modern jazz and timeless standards. Based in Kansas City, their debut EP "Big Blue" incorporates a blend of influences including bebop, funk, latin, and pop.

Jasper Shrake Quartet

Based out of Topeka and Lawrence, KS, the Jasper Shrake Quartet is quickly becoming a regular contributor to local music scenes.  We pride ourselves on advancing jazz as an art form by promoting original music and using fusion as a way to better relate to our audiences.

Coyote Bill Band

“Very few blues guitarists can properly manage a truly thundering guitar tone into an all-night-long, three-sets-of-fury show without wearing out the crowd’s eardrums, but Coyote Bill has the taste and the tone to get the job done. Once one is accustomed to the idea that his amplifier will not shiver into a pile of its lesser components, one can thoroughly enjoy a rhythmically tight performance that is delivered with equal parts mirth and honesty by Coyote Bill and his Wild Ones; the authentic feel of the blues is openly apparent in this transplanted south side of Chicago kid’s Kansas City performances.” -Scott Patterson – KANSAS CITY JAZZ EXAMINER

The Max Levy Band

Max Levy plays a variety of straight-ahead jazz, swing and blues, and is heavily influenced by jazz artists ranging from Sonny Rollins to Kansas City swing legends Lester Young and Ben Webster. Every time Max performs, he invokes an energetic spirit that works to connect his music with any audience.

Vitamin C

Chalis O’Neal has studied jazz trumpet at the university of Missouri kansas city. Born and raised in kansas city Chalis is also a member of the live up beat band the hearts of darkness which is a afro beat band that blends hip hop, soul and r&B. Means in the band Vitamin C which is a band that blends in jazz, r&b and lots of energy.

Old Sound

An Americana trio of longtime friends and collaborators, Kansas City’s Old Sound crafts traditional and original acoustic folk music.